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Chapter 6:One week for Love

It’s been two days since the thought of Eddie Duran became stuck in my head.I want to be with Eddie the I guy and not Eddie Duran the rock star.Yet I can’t.It seems like he’s always Eddie Duran the rock star.I wish I could just have Eddie for one day.

I shook it off and got out of bed and started getting ready for school.It was Thursday so Eddie leaves in three days.I had to talk to him,and probably get him alone for a few.I was about to walk outside for some breakfast when my door to outside opened.Eddie!Just the guy I was looking for.

"Hey Loren,"he waved shyly as he walked in the room.

"Hi Eddie Duran,"I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the door,"What are you doing here?,"he shook his head and moved closer to me.I put my hand up signaling him to stop.

"Look Loren I just wanted to invite you out tonight,"he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Will your friends be there?,"he shook his head no and grabbed hold of my hand.

"No they won’t it’s just me and you Loren,I really wanna get to know you better,"I nodded as he grabbed my hand,"So Loren Tate would you please go out for dinner with me?,"he pulled me closer to him sitting me on his lap.

"Of course,"he smiled and leaned in to kiss me but I moved back.I really I wanted to kiss him but,I don’t feel like he deserves it,"I have to go,"he wrapped him arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Lo!Come on we gonna be late for school,"I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder.

"I don’t wanna,"I groaned as Eddie stud me up.

"Come on I’ll drop y’all off,"he pulled me to the living room where we saw Melissa and my mom eating breakfast.

"Finally I was wondering what took you so long,"I blushed a little as Eddie kissed my cheek pulling to sit next to him,"No no up up let’s go we gonna be late,"I groaned and looked her.

"Mel can’t be just take the day off and hang out by the beach?,"everybody gasped when I said that.Ok I know I’m a straight A student but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break.

"Loren are you ok?Eddie what did you do to her?,"Melissa started feeling my head.I slapped her hand away and stud up.

"I’m fine I just don’t really feel in the mood to go to school today plus I really need to go shopping,"Melissa smirked and started pulling me to the door.

"Alright good bye Eddie bye Nora we’ll meet you at big mommas,"I waved at them both as Melissa pulled me off to her car.We arrived at the mall and started shopping.We went to almost every store.Melissa kept trying to pull me in Victoria Secret.

"Mel come on I told you I’m not going in there,"I pulled her off me ordered some ice cream.

"Alright fine I’ll be right back,"she walked in to Victoria Secret and twenty minutes later came back with a bag full of clothes,"Here you go,"I look through the bag of clothes and shook my head.

"Let’s go,"I grab the bags and walk out to big mommas which was right down the street from the Mall.I go in and see Eddie sitting on the back with Jake and some women holding Eddie’s hand.I was about to walk over there when Melissa pulled me down and started spying on them,"What do you think they could be talking about?,"she rolled her eyes and kept watch in them.

There’s something about this girl.She was beautiful she had amazing hair and her clothes seem like she was famous.Thats when it hit me I do know her.Well not personally but in the modeling world.

"Lo that’s Chloe,"I knew it.I didn’t know what to say.I was gonna get up and confront him when Mel got him and did it,"What the hell are you doing?!,"I put my head down and screamed as loud as I can in to my arms.I needed to scream.I wanted to shout.I NEEDED TO SHOUT!!!!

So it’s Fathers Day and I gotta say my dad may be old👴but I love him to death😵he’s my best friend👫 and the only guy I wanna see happy☺️Love you daddy❤️Happy Fathers Day👨

Just a little video I made to keep your hopes up about Hollywood Heights💗❤️💖

Chapter eight:Made in the U.S.A

Dr.Marry:Well I’m proud to announce you two are having a…girl

I don’t know why but I started crying when she it was a girl.I always dreamed that I would have a girl but I jut never thought it would be this soon.I looked at Eddie and sawing him smiling.I was happy but I was also very scared.Becoming a mom is a lot of hard working waking up in the middle of the night,and barely getting sleep I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Loren:Um guys can I get a minute alone please

Eddie looked at me and kissed my forehead and walked out the room right behind the doctor.I looked down at my stomach and smiled as the tears started streaming down.

Loren:I know your wondering why I’m crying but it’s just because I’m scared,I always wanted to become a mom I mean I dreamed about it every since I was a little girl but now look at me a soon to me eighteen year old mom.I don’t care what anyone says about you your gonna be amazing and beautiful.I love you.

I layer back in the chair and looked at the ceiling again.I love her I’m not gonna give up on her.Not today.Not ever.

~3 months later~

I’m six months pregnant I swear I look like a whale.A whale I tell you!Eddie says I look beautiful no matter how big my stomach it’s.He’s been working late lately which makes it harder for me to walk and to move around the house.Anyways it’s almost three I’m the morning and I can’t sleep since all I could crave was everything.Lucky I went food shopping yesterday.

I walked down stairs to the kitchen and started pulling out everything.I sat on the kitchen island and started what ever what was in front of me.Thats when I heard someone cough.I swear he needs to wear a shirt to bed for now on.

Eddie:Low what are you doing

Eddie said in his best sleepy voice.

Loren:I can’t sleep and since I’m hungry I just took everything out

Eddie looked at me and shook his head as he stud in front of me and carried me bridle style to the couch.He sat down next to me and layer my head on his lap.

Eddie:You both need some rest you didn’t sleep last night Lo go to sleep

I knew he was right but I’m just not that tired anymore.Between the craving in the mode swings the cravings always win.No matter what is happening.

Loren:ok I’ll go to sleep

I snuggled up in his lap and started to fall asleep watching some movies.I don’t want to admit it but I know I’m in love with them.Mothers know best.


Anonymous asked:

What would you do if you had Cody Longos number?

If I had Cody Longo’s number um I probably wouldn’t give it out first if all and second text him everyday like saying good morning and have a nice night stuff like that nothing sexual or anything because I could see he has a girlfriend already that he truly loves.

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